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Parfums et senteurs entre Lure et Luberon 30 April - 22 May Exhibition « Art in May »

Theme 2016 : «  The Other »

Multidisciplinary group exhibition on the theme selected for 2016 is "The Other ". "We are all the other someone " - different or complementary , allowed or dismissed , which is the other face or inside ourselves? Is it our own unknown and mysterious unconscious, an alter ego or soul mate reflection of us, or the unknown foreigner who applies our eyes ? Eleven artistic sensibilities , speaking in paintings , collages, prints , sculptures and ceramics invite you to share their approaches to the Other - and we in front of the other. The Simiane Primary School joined the discussion through collective work of his students.
Group exhibition by the following Simiane artists :

Marie-Laure Couet Delinchant, painting             Dominique Quévédo, sculpture
Stéphanie Mutrux, painting                               Pascal David, ceramics
Isabelle Oudot, painting                                    Henri Duyn, painting
Dadou Roche, engraving                                   Laurent Chenal, painting, mixed media
Georges Derie, painting/sculpture                    Judith Franken, sculpture                               

Invited artist :  Elisabeth Salmon, engraving, painting

Preview : Saturday 30 April at 7 p.m.


Parfums et senteurs entre Lure et Luberon 1st July - 28 July :   Exhibition :  Gaby Kretz " clay Beings " Sculpture exhibition.
Preview :  Saturday 2 July at 7 p.m.


Parfums et senteurs entre Lure et Luberon 1st July - 31 August :  Exhibition Jaap Gardenier : " The Distillery lavender, a universe, drawings , lithographs, etchings "
Preview : Saturday 2 July at 7 p.m.


Parfums et senteurs entre Lure et Luberon Exhibition during the Festival : « Les Riches Heures Musicales de la Rotonde »
1st August – 15 August Anne-Marie Berthon and Jeanne-Marie Noël :  Photographs from the Archives of the Simiane Festival


Parfums et senteurs entre Lure et Luberon 18 August – 2 September : Watercolors exhibition  Alexis Nouaihlat : Luberon Sightings


Parfums et senteurs entre Lure et Luberon 5 September – 11 November : " The castle of Simiane : History of a restoration"
Exhibition of unpublished documents that trace all the rescue operations and development of the castle of Simiane since its classification as historical monuments to its opening to the public.



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