Simiane la rotonde Haute Provence


For a century the Alpes de Haute Provence experienced depopulation. But for thirty years now, thanks to the policy of local authorities, the tenacity of its farmers and the arrival of new country-dwellers, Simiane has enjoyed population growth and fresh economic and cultural initiatives. Its population of 580 have kept most public services (post office and village school) and amenities : baker’s, grocery store and newsagent, bar, restaurants, accommodation.

Living in a village labelled “Cité de Caractère”, people enjoyed a rich architectural heritage and the sunlit calm of its rural setting. The sky has an incomparable brightness, industrial pollution and heavy traffic are unknown; the air is pure, the countryside beautiful. Yesterday’s depopulation has become today’s wealth: visitors will find serenity and quality of life here.


Simiane la rotonde Haute Provence
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