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In August 2016, the Simiane Festival celebrates its 34th anniversary. “Les Riches Heures Musicales de la Rotonde” specialises in instrumental and vocal early music, performed by world famous artists as well as Provençal musicians. With its Romanesque architecture, its sculpted ornamentation and its excellent acoustics, the Rotonde provides an exceptionnal setting for this event whose musical quality and original programmes account for its success and reputation.

Festival Simiane More information about the Festival of Simiane-la-Rotonde – 2016 Program

Festival Les Riches Heures Musicales de la Rotonde

FROM 4 TO 14 AUGUST 2016
Concerts at 9 p.m. in the Rotonde (XII century)

Theme : “Music for kings”


Festival Simiane Tuesday 2 August – 9 p.m.

« LES TIMBRES » & « HARMONIA LENIS » (Japan) (instruments)
«In the English Court of Elizabeth the First»
Yoko KAWAKUBO : violin, Myrial RIGNOL : viola de gamba, Julien WOLFS : organ and harpsichord
Kenichi MIZUUCHI : recorder, Akemi MURAKAMI : organ and harpsichord
Works by Robert Johnson, Henry Purcell, Thomas Morley

Festival Simiane Thursday 4 August – 9 p.m.

« DOULCE MEMOIRE » (voice and instruments) Direction Denis RAISIN DADRE
« Music for Francis the First chamber »
Véronique BOURIN : soprano, Hugues PRIMARD : tenor, Pascale BOQUET : lute
Angélique MAUILLON : harp, Denis RAISIN DADRE : flute and direction
Works by Pierre Certon, Pierre Sandrin, Claudin de Sermisy, Antoine de Févin

Festival Simiane Monday 8 August – 9 p.m.

« LES PALADINS » (voices and instruments). Direction  Jérôme CORREAS
«Music for a Great King Louis XIV» Baroque music
Salomé HALLER: soprano, Sylvia ABRAMOWICZ : viola de gamba, Jérôme CORREAS : harpsichord
Works by Lully, Cavalli, Rossi, Lambert, Charpentier, Couperin, D’Anglebert

Festival Simiane Friday 12 August – 9 p.m.

« VOX SUAVIS »  (voices and instruments) medieval music
«Toledo thirteenth century : At the court of Alfonso X the Wise»
Ana ARNAZ : soprano and percussion, Guieseppe FRANA : oud, Baptiste ROMAIN : fiddles and bagpipes
Works by Oviedo, Burgos, Cantigas de Santa Maria

Festival Simiane Sunday 14 August – 9 p.m.

« ARTEMANDOLINE »  Direction : Juan Carlos MUNOS (instruments) 
«Naples Madrid : Music in the Kingdom of Naples and the Spanish Court»
Juan Carlos MUÑOZ : bandurria & baroque mandolin, Mari Fe PAVON : bandurria & baroque mandolin, Manuel MUNOZ : baroque guitar, Alla TOLKACHEVA : baroque mandolin, Jean-Daniel HARO : viola de gamba & violin, Ralf WALDNER : harpsichord.
Works by Scarlatti, G.Sanz, Ribayaz, Falconieri, Soler, Botelho..Folies d’Espagne, Passacailles, Danzas

(All of these concert programmes may be subject to modification)

EXHIBITIONS   in the Rotonde during the Festival
Photographs by Anne-Marie BERTHON & Jeanne-Marie NOEL from the  « Archives of the Simiane Festival »   (ground floor)

INFORMATION :  Secrétariat du Festival,  04150,  SIMIANE LA ROTONDE,  France.
TEL :  (33) 04 92 75 90 47  (Administration)      FAX :  (33) 04 92 75 92 18
          (33) 04 92 75 90 14  (information and booking at the Rotonde)  (from 15/04/2015)
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Tickets : full price 35 € Festival’s friends 25 € Student - Child 20 €




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