Les riches heures musicales de Simiane

« Les Riches Heures Musicales de la Rotonde »

4th to 15th August 2011

Theme for 2011 : « Music in Gardens »


Festival de Simiane-la-Rotonde

Thursday 4th August at 9 p.m.
Ensemble « Parnassie du Marais » (voice and instruments) directed by Brigitte TRAMIER. « The Secret Garden of André CAMPRA ».
Monique ZANETTI (soprano), Sabine Weill (recorders), Sylvie MOQUET (viola da gamba), Brigitte TRAMIER (harpsichord)
Works by André CAMPRA (1660 – 1744) : cantatas, airs, extracts from « Carnaval de Venise ».

Saturday 6th August at 9 p.m.
Ensemble « L ‘ASTREE » of the « Academia Montis Regalis » (voice and instruments) directed by Giorgio TABACCO.
« Das Veilchen »
Hanna Bayodi HIRT (soprano), Francesco D’ORAZIO (violin), Giorgio TABACCO (forte piano).
Lieder and sonatas by Wolfgang Amadeus MOZART (1656 – 1791).

Tuesday 9th August at 9 p.m.
Ensemble « OBSIDIENNE » (voice and instruments) directed by Emmanuel BONNARDOT.
« The song of the Trouvères » - flowering of medieval song.
Florence JACQUEMART (singer, flutes, bagpipes), Hélène MOREAU (singer, psalterion, organetto, percussion), Emmanuel BONNARDOT (singer, vièles, rebec, citole), Claude-Henri JOUBERT (gloses)
Works by Richard the Lionheart, Gace Brulé, Adam de la Halle, Jehan Lescurel, Gautier de Coinci…

Thursday 11th August at 9 p.m.
Ensemble « Les Jardins de Courtoisie » (voice and instruments) directed by Anne DELAFOSSE-QUENTIN.
« The flower of lyonnaise song » (1520 – 1570)
Benjamin INGRAO (tenor), Xavier OLAGNE (tenor), Romain BOCKLER (bass), Diego SALAMANCA (lute), Anne DELAFOSSE (soprano and direction)
Music and poetry of the golden age of lyonnaise music.

Saturday 13th August at 9 p.m.
Ensemble « La Rêveuse » directed by Benjamin PERROT (voice and instruments).
« Have you ever seen the morning sun ? »
Jeffrey THOMPSON (tenor), Florence BOLTON (treble and bass viol), Jean-Luc HO (harpsichord), Benjamin PERROT (harpsichord, barouque guitar and direction)
Works by the brothers Henry LAWES (1595 – 1662) and William LAWES (1602-1645).

Monday 15th August at 9 p.m.
Ensemble « DOULCE MEMOIRE » directed by Denis RAISIN DADRE
« The Roses of Ispahan ». Persian songs and « Nuovo stile » invented by Caccini in the 17th century. Taghi AKHBARI (persian songs), Marc MAUILLON (baritone), Nader AGHAKHANI (târ), Pascale BOQUET ((lute and theorbe), Angélique MAUILLON, (harp), Denis RAISIN DADRE (flutes), Bruno CAILLAT (zarb, daf, tambourine).

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