Simiane la rotonde Haute Provence
Ventoux, Lure, Luberon


Simiane-la-Rotonde is at the extreme south-western end of the Alpes de Haute Provence, close to the border with Vaucluse. Perched high up at 650 m above a plain, it is at the centre of a triangle formed by the summits of Ventoux, Lure and the Grand Luberon. To the immediate south is the Luberon Regional Park, the Albion Plateau is just to the north, while the Pays de Forcalquier is to the east. Simiane is a place where Alpine and Mediterranean influences meet. Its olive trees grow well near their northernmost limit, whilst the cultivation of lavender can be successful at this altitude. With its fine landscapes, the largest cooperative for the production of lavender and lavandin* in France, information centre on essential oils in the medieval castle and the floral park of the Abbaye de Valsaintes, Simiane is an outstanding centre for aromatic plants.

* a hybrid that grows between 100 and 800 metres, six times more productive than lavender - lavendula officinalis - which
grows between 600 and 1200 metres. It smells strongly of camphor, and is less medically useful.


Simiane la rotonde Haute Provence
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